Miniature Ships of August Crabtree Hardcover

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From an early age, August F. Crabtree was enchanted by the beauty of wooden ships and intrigued by the story of their evolution through the ages. While still a very young man, he began building not ship models, but true miniature ships, fully fitted and decorated and always perfectly to scale. In 1955, Crabtree and his wife and fellow artist, Winifred, chose The Mariners' Museum as the permanent home for their 16 masterpieces, and The Miniature Ships of August and Winifred Crabtree remains one of the Museum's most popular exhibitions to this day. Now, thanks to the careful research by Vincent Scott, a close friend of the Crabtrees, readers can trace the story of the artists' life and work and explore thousands of years of shipbuilding history. This book is sure to delight not only maritime enthusiasts but all those who appreciate what great artistry and lifelong dedication can accomplish.

Hardcover, 160 Pages. Author: Vincent Scott.  All book sales are final.

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