The James River, William Fox

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In 2007, House Resolution 16 of the 110th Congress named the James River as "America's Founding River". The first permanent English settlement in the New World was made on the banks of the James River. The river runs for 340 miles entirely in Virginia, from the Allegheny Mountains to Hampton Roads and the Chesapeake Bay. Canal boats, steamboats, and railroads made it a mainstream of commerce and communication for the growing state. While the river's scenic views have remained relatively unchanged since 1607, there is still much to discover along its length through 20 counties, three major cities, and numerous small towns on its way to the sea. With more than 200 images, The James River seeks to raise awareness about this great river and its history while helping to protect and preserve it for the future. 

Hardcover, 126 Pages. Author: William A. Fox. All Book Sales Are Final.

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