Snowbeard the Pirate, Chip Huddleston

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Ahoy, maties! Join Santa's black sheep brother, Captain Snowbeard, for the holidays this year in a swashbuckling Christmas adventure! Enlisted in Santa's new tactic to deliver rotten fruitcake and one pirate toy to all the children on the Naughty List, Captain Snowbeard sets sail with eight flying sharks and a scary-looking angler fish to light the way in this imaginative twist on a classic. Beautifully illustrated by Robert Sauber and written by Broadway performer, Chip Huddleston,  with wit, humor, and lyrical mastery, Snowbeard the Pirate and the Naughty List is a nautical delight! Each book comes with a musical CD of the story, as told by an accordion-playing, salty old sea dog named Billy Bosun and his singing pirate crew. Watch out for the hilarious little Black Jack, the naughtiest kid on Santa's List, who gives ol' Snowbeard all he can handle!

Hardcover; 48 Pages. Author: Chip Huddleston. All Book Sales Final.

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