Spell Your Name in Signal Flags

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Spell your name in fun nautical signal flags! Poly-blend 10" x 15" indoor/outdoor nautical signal flag. Made with high quality double stitching. Includes wooden toggle button and cordage loop so you can easily hang and string the flags together. 

International maritime signal flags are various flags used to communicate with ships. The principal system of flags and associated codes is the International Code of Signals.

A (Alpha): diver down; keep clear

B (Bravo): carrying dangerous cargo

C (Charlie): yes

D (Delta): keep clear

E (Echo): altering course to starboard

F (Foxtrot): I am disabled

G (Golf): I want a pilot

H (Hotel): a pilot on board

I (India): I am altering course to port

J (Juliet): vessel on fire keep clear

K (Kilo): I want to communicate with you

L (Lima): stop your vessel instantly 

M (Mike): my vessel is stopped

N (November): no

O (Oscar): man overboard

P (Papa): vessel is about to sail

Q (Quebec): I request free pratique

R (Romeo): reverse course

S (Sierra): engines are going astern

T (Tango): keep clear

U (Uniform): you are heading into danger

V (Victor): require assistance

W (Whiskey): require medical assistance

X (X-ray): stop your intention

Y (Yankee): I am dragging anchor

Z (Zulu): I require a tug

& (And): in addition

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