Screwpiles The Forgotten Lighthouses, Saint, Smith, Shelly, Speidell

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What is a screwpile? Screwpiles- the lesser-known, cottage variety of lighthouses- valiantly served mariners, keeping them safe in their travels along our coastal rivers and bays for a century, from the mid 1800's to the mid 1900's. Although not as celebrated, or romanticized, as the tall, masonry tower lighthouses perched on rocky cliffs overlooking the sea, screwpile lighthouses had a charm, a fascination all their own. Screwpile lighthouses were square, hexagonal, or even octagonal cottages mounted on platforms in coastal rivers and bays. The platforms rested firmly on wood, or iron pilings augured like a screw and driven deep into the river or bay beds. Enjoy the history, technology, legends, and lore associated with the lighthouses. These are the screwpiles we've grown to know and love and we hope you do too!

Hardback, 223 Pages. Authors: Larry Saint, Karla Smith, John H. Sheally II, and Phyllis Speidell. All Book Sales Are Final.

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