Images of America - Newport News

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Within slightly more than 100 years, the sleepy village of Newport News has transformed itself from a sparsely populated region of watermen and farmers to a city known as one of the nation's greatest centers for shipbuilding, scientific research, Virginia history, and scenic sites. Nestled along the eastern coast of Virginia on the James River, Newport News has a colorful and dynamic history intrinsically linked to the surrounding water. As the town filled with people of great energy and enthusiasm, their hard work propelled local industry to the forefront of the city's reputation.

In Images of America: Newport News, author Jane Carter Webb has collected over 200 historic photographs that shed light on a bygone era. These images and stories serve as a testimony to the lives and experiences of area residents past and present, from William Styron to the great physicist Nathan Isgur.

Paperback, 128 pages. Author: Jane Carter Webb. All book sales are final.

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