Championship Sailing - Jobson, Gary Jobson

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Winning a sailboat race, any sailboat race, is the final step in a process begun weeks, months, perhaps even years before. It involves strategic insight, tactical savvy, asnd a boat- and sail-handling virtuosity that can only come from many hours of carefully structured practice. In Gary Jobson's Championship Sailing, one of the most succesful sailboat racers in history shares more than 40 years of racing and sailing expertise at the highest levels of competition. Intoducing aproven system developed, fine-tuned, and perfected over more than four decades of sailboat racing, Gary Jobson outlines the skills, reflexes, and instincts you need to become a true champion as he imparts his secrets for:

- Organizing, training, and leading a crew, Reading the wind and choosing the best side of the course, Simplifying sail trim and rig tuning, Improving boat speed, Tacking, jibing, and maneuvering for advantage, Winning starts and leapfrogging boats at the finish. Regaining lost ground, and Practicing alone, in pairs, and with a fleet. 

Hardcover, 246 Pages. Author: Gary Jobson. All Book Sales Are Final.

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